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100 Phoolon Ke Naam फूलों के नाम हिंदी में

When it comes to flowers, we can find them in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Each type of flower has its own unique beauty and meaning. While some flowers are used for decorative purposes, others have religious or cultural significance. In India, flowers play an important role in many festivals and occasions. There are many different types of flowers, and each one has its own unique name in Hindi. Here are just a few examples: - Gulab (Rose) - Kanwal (Lotus) - Sampatti (Marigold) - Harsingar (Night Jasmine) - Champa (Champak) - Dahiya (Daisy) Each of these flowers has a beautiful meaning and significance in Hindi culture. No matter what type of flower you choose, it is sure to add beauty and elegance to any occasion. There are a wide variety of flowers that are native to India. Some of the most popular ones include roses, lotuses, marigolds, jasmine, and lilies. Each of these flowers has its own unique meaning and symbolism. In this post, we learn about the various Hindi names of

हिंदी गिनती Hindi Ginti - Ek Se Sau Tak Ginti

Hindi ginti is the process of counting numbers in the Hindi language. This can be done either by using Hindu-Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) or by using Hindi words (ek, do, teen, etc.). The latter method is more commonly used in daily life, especially when dealing with large numbers. To count in Hindi , start with the number one and then add the Hindi word for each additional number. For example, to say "three", you would start with "ek" (one), then add "do" (two), and then finally add "teen" (three). The complete list of Hindi numbers is as follows: 1 - ek 2 - do 3 - teen 4 - chaar 5 - paanch 6 - chhah 7 - saat 8 - aath 9 - nau 10 - das 11 - gyarah 12 - barah 13- terah 14 - chaudah 15 - pindrah 16 - solah 17 - satrah 18 - attarah 19 - unnis 20 - bees 30 - teenas 40 - chaubis 50 - panses 60 - sahasras 70 - saptanas 80 - ashtanas 90 - nabbe 100 - sau हिंदी गिनती Hindi Ginti - Ek Se Sau Tak Ginti Hindi Number Counting From 1 to 10 (Hindi Ginti